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Special wavvy squid skirts.
UV pigmented Double and treble layers squid skirts. Pg1B

wavvy squid skirtsWavvy squid skirt specification
Code nos Length Throat dia(inner)
LOA20014WV 3.5in 6mm
LOA20016WV 4.5in 8.5mm
LOA20018WV 5.5in 10mm
LOA20020WV 6.5in 12mm
LOA20022WV 7.5in 13mm
LOA20024WV 8.5in 14mm
LOA20027WV 10.in 16mm
LOA20109WV 12.0in 17.5mm
LOA20110WV 14.0in 22mm
LOA20110WV-16 16.0in 29mm
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wavvy squid skirtst
treble layer squid skirt
Treble layer squid skirts
LOA20020-3 : 6.5in
LOA20022-3 : 7.5in

Above is only a sample pattern range.
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double layer squid skirts-1
Double layer squid skirts
LOA20020-2X : 6.5in
LOA20022-2X : 7.5in


Sub pags on squid skirt Pg1  Pg1B Pg2  Pg3  Squid patterns 

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