Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Osprey fishing handy tools, and gadgets.

 line connectors
 simple to use line adjuster
 image showing sliding of line on adjuster
 Simple to adjust line connector
 Code Nos:AC107 Osprey Line adjuster a quick and simple way to create a leader to suit float .
Special gadget to enable on site adjusting of line to fit floats
Osprey Line adjuster comes in a pack of 10 sockets
adjust leader line length, adjust sinker position,make a 3 way line

  • Handy tool to convert your loose powder bait into a hard solid pellet.
  • Once the powder pellet is set it will be hard and solid.
  • Ideal as a slow release bait spreader.Handy tool-bait pellet maker. compresor to pelletised powder bait




Model ACB95-

Made from machined aluminium alloy.
Length; 95cm .dia. meter of chamber  see below
ACB95-38-38mm dia
ACB95-54:54mm dia

Life bait and powder bait threading tools.

Bait-threader-ACGZ05 : length 4in

Keeper for rigs line

Code  Dia. Wall thickness
AC4-1 4mm 0.5mm
AC6-1 6mm
AC8-1 8mm

spider hook or squid jig hook capSpider hook cap

 hook cap protectorCode ACP
 Hook protector for use on treble hook     
 min order qty 10,000 and above
 fits hook from #1/0 downwards 
 ACP1--for hooks #8        
 ACP2--for hooks #6 to #4
 ACP3--for hooks #3 to #2
 ACP4--for hooks #1 to #1/0
 ACP5--for hooks #2/0 to#3/0
 in bulk of 1,000pcs /pk

: rod pod for bite alarm.
 FRONT has a screw stud to accommodate standard  bite indicator's male screw. 1050mm x 2 section
closed length: 680mm.  Female adapter 8mm metric thread,
 will accept any stand alone bite indicator.
  Special features: rear stand has a rocking rod rest,
 to ensure that the rod sits  squarely  even when the front
and rear stand is not of he same level.
Or when the stand is not  vertical.

soft fluro GLOW IN DARK rod pod   rod HOLDER with glow in the dark rod support
 AC38  Fluro glow rod support/pod 

stand alone bite alarmautumn leave pattern bite alarm
 8 tone setting for sensitivity. 8 level volume setting.
 Stainless steel stud to fit on rod holder
 Toggle switch.   Fully water proof
 Small and compact   2.5mm jet for sensor

wireless remote control bite alarm
Fully waterproof :Model ACYL64( 4+1) and ACYL63( 3+1)
 4+1 or 3+1 extra long distance wireless bite alarm
  Night light.   4 tone toggle setting for sensitivity
 4 levels volume control.
 Led light colors on transmitter corresponds with light color on receiver
 4difference led light colours-1 color for each transmitter.


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