Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
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Osprey's Hard plastic Crankbaits from 61-73mm.
Top level crankbaits -Pg3

hard plastic crankbaits Lm62Samba crankbait LM62. Mid- level swimmer. 
Body length: 62mm(2.4in) . Wt:14.7g/0.52oz 
Overall length including lip :105mm(4.2in)
Hook size::#6 treble. Swim pattern action: Surface to mid level.Loud ratting sound, With a shifting C.G.,the Samba dances from surface down to a max of 1.5m below water surface.

 hard plastic crankbait LM65N
LM65N-Lumpy crankbait.  Surface swimmer. 
 Body length: 2.6in/65mm. Wt:7.5g/0.3oz,Hook: 2 x #8
High Arch back for quick deep dive.Dive to :2mtr/6ft
below surface, floats back to surface when line slacks.

hard plastic crankbait LF70:Baitfish crankbait 
ength:70mm/2.8in, wt: 8.5g/0.3oz
Skims the surface with a smooth dipping dive action.

 hard plastic crankbaits
LP70P: Puffer  crankbaits
Body length:70mm, overall length:80mm/3.2in,
Wt:18g/0.7oz: Dive to bottom from surface.

hard plastic crankbait :LD72
 Zombie diving crankbait
Length :72mm/2.8in,
Overall length:142mm/6.6in, 15g/0.5oz.
The Hump back, makes very lumpy swim action like a sick fish

 LF60-198- Skidder
Body length:60mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 0.3-1.5m
 Hook;  2 x #4 . Wt:17g/0.6oz

Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 1.5~2.5m
 Hook;  2 x #6 . Wt:8.0g/0.30oz

 LF70-204- Percy
Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 0.5~1.2m
 Hook;  2 x #4 . Wt:8.0g/0.30oz

 hard plastic crankbaits Lm63Scooper crankbait  LM63. 
Body length: 63mm(2.5in) .Wt:7.2g/0.25oz    
Overall length including lip+hook:103mm(4.2in)
Mid- level swimmer.
Hook size::#8 treble
Swim Action: Mid- level swimmer.
The Scooper can suspends to a max. depth of 6ft, .

 hard plastic crankbait ld65
LD65 MIl Striker crankbait
Body length:65mm/2.6in. Wt:10.5g/0.4oz
 Overall length:100mm. Hook: 2 x #6
 Swim action:Mid level from 1.5m down to 2.5m

LF75D Devil Tobe
Size: 75mm/3.0in ,
Overall length:120mm/4.2in 
Weight:12g/0.45oz  Hook:#4   Type: Floater 

LM70ML - Duckbill.crankbait
 Length: 70mm/2.8in. Wt:7.5g. Hook :2 x #6
 Surface swimmer and scoop down to a depth of 1.5~2mtrs. 

hard plastic crankbait
Bomber  LD73
. Body length: 73mm(3.0in)
Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
 . Overall length including lip:93mm(3.7in)
g/0.60oz Hook size::#4 treble
Generates a loud rattle. 

 LF65-199- Skater
Body length:65mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 0.5-2.0m
 Hook; 2 x #2 . Wt:20g/0.7oz

 LD70-193- Googly- deep diver
Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 3.0-5.0m

 Hook;  2 x #4 . Wt:17.0g/0.60oz

 LM70-202- Larvy-
Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 1.2 -2.5m
 Hook;  2 x #6 . Wt:10.0g/0.0.4oz

LF65N-Roach crank bait-
Surface swimmer.
Body length: 2.6in/65mm. Wt:4g/0.15oz , Hook: 1 x #12
Special wide square lip with a deep scoop,
offers a good darting action when retrieved..
Dive to :1.5mtr/5ft below surface and returns to surface.

LM65-Toad crankbait  Belly with rudder
Body length:65mm/2.6in. Wt:9.5g/0.4oz
 Overall length:94mm.Hook: 2 x #6
 Swim action:Mid level from 1.5m down to 2.5m

 hard plastic  crankbait
LD70: Minnow
 Body length:70mm. overall length:98mm/3.6in.
 Wt:7g/0.3oz.  Fast Diver from mid level to

 hard plastic crankbait lf71Froggie crankbait LF71  Floater.  
Body length: 71mm(2.8in). Wt:10.2g/0.36oz        
Overall length including lip : 91mm(3.6in)
Hook size::#6 treble

 LF70-178- Skidder
Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 1.0-1.55m
 Hook;  2 x #4 . Wt:16g/0.6oz

 LM70-203- Rocking diver
Body length:70mm,
 Swim action: Dive to 1.5~3.0m
 Hook;  2 x #4 . Wt:12.0g/0.40oz

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