Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Soft Baits from TSR material. Frogs /minow and eels Soft baits.-Pg3



LWX5603 6.0cm/2.4in  x 4.8g
LWX5612 9.5cm/3.8in x 11.2g

Soft bait- bait fish with a rat tail
Code length
LWX5609 13cm/5.2in x 9.5g

soft baits- minnow with a curly tail
Code length
LWX024K 9.5cm/3.7in x 6g

Soft Baits; Gecko/lizardSoft Baits; Gecko/lizard


10091 10cm/4in
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Osprey soft baits minnow with a flipper tail
Soft baits-minnow with flipper tail
LWX5610 13.5cm/ x 10.3g

Soft baits-minnow
Code length
LWX5614 13.5cm/5.3in x 13g

Soft baits-minnow

Code length
LWX5613 13.5cm/5.3in--10g


Soft baits Seaworm

Code length
LWX5620 9.0cm/3.5in x 5.2g


Soft baits-slug

Code length
LWX5631 7.5cm/3.0in x 2.8g

Soft baits-salamander
Code length
LWXZ03-145 14.5cm/5.7in x 9.2g/.3oz
Osprey soft baits- minnow with a tail tail.
Osprey soft baits- 9cm minnow with a rat tail
Osprey soft baits- minnow with a glow laser within the belly
Osprey soft baits - minnow with  flipper tail 
Soft gel minnow
Code Length
LWX5626RT-7.2 7.2cm /2.8in x 1.5g
LWX5626RT-9 9cm/3.5in x 5.2g
LWX5626ST-13 13cm/5.2in x 13g
LWX5626TT-13.2 13.2cm/5.3in x 9.2g

 Soft baits-Shad

Code length
LWX5618 8cm/3.2in x 6.9g

Soft baits- with internal color
Code length
LWX5615 9.5cm/3.7in x 6.2g


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