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Fish lip gripper with/without fishing scale.
Handy pistol grip and long over the boat fish lip gripper.

Fish lip gripper with and without scale. Fish lip grip with stainless components


ACEH650- Pistol grip fish lip gripper with
digital scale. 15.5cm/6in long.
Stainless barrel and caliper.
max reading: 0-12kg/25lb.  

ACHSP606: 21.6cm/8.5in

Fish lip gripper available in
2 versions: either 22kg/55lb or 11kg/25lb.
Stainless barrel- that can rotates 360 deg
this will reduce stress on the hand,. For catch and release this feature will reduce damage on the fish lip

: 30cm closed length. Spring scale 0-15kg

Long over the boat fish lip gripper with spring scale. ACSP911  ACSP911--length 90cm-Long barrel fish lip gripper for over the boat gripping.
Lip grip with scale.
44kg with quick release lock.
Stainless frame and spring with last wt set ring 

Fish lip gripper WITHOUT scale

Handy pistol grip fish lip gripper
model ACHSP649
20cm/8in long.
Stainless barrel and caliper.
Floatable Fish lip gripper with special lightweight handle -floats when in water. 
Fish lip gripper AC15236-50
 handle length: 6in/15m with 50mm/2in jaw opening

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