Osprey Fishing lures: Trolling lure, crankbaits, spoons and spinners. soft plastic lures
Osprey Fishing Lures 


Fishing- Mini Led lights enclosed in a capsule for rigs and large long life trap led lights.

  • Osprey electronic soft gel lures
  • Osprey trolling lures with led light within heads
  • Mini electronic led light for insertion into squids or any open belly soft gel.
  • All electronic led light lures will cut off or light off when dry or when not in waters.
  • Start flashing only when in water.
  • Led light goes off when out off water.
  • Small enough  to be inserted into any soft gel squid or swim bait
  • Can be use as a stand-alone light probe--  casing has a slot  for line
    to pass through
  • High intensity penetration light.
  • Effective for water with low light .

 Osprey led light in green/red led light color
 Code no LNR50-1( 1pc/pk or LNR50-4( 4pc/pk)
 Length: 12mm dia x 60mm
 Body colour; pink/blue/green
 packing either in 1pc/pk or 4pcs/pk
fishing led lights  for rigs

led light capsule for rigsLBR06
Length:61mm/2.4in. Dia:12.8mm/0.5in
Flashing colors in blue/red/green and clear light.
Auto off system

 led lights for traps
 LR512: red light or multi colour cycle
 length:81mm/3.2in. Dia:18mm/0.6in
 Light on when in water/wet and off when dry.
 Glow in the dark body.

110 x 43mm dia
Or 4.3in x 1.7in dia.
Max depth: 700m/2200ft.
Light: red./green/white andmulti color. Flashing mode.
185 x 46mm dia
Or 7.3in x 1.8in dia.
Max depth: 100m/320ft.
3 modes : fast flashing. slow flashing and steady color ; red/ green/ white


for Mini led lights click this link

Flashing Led light with treble o rings to prevent water from sibling in to led light.
 Model : AC117100 : length: 7.0in/175mm. Wt:100g/2.8oz
             AC12560    length: 5in/125mm. Wt:60g/2.2oz
 Available in either Red or Green light
Flashing Led light in a capsule

diamond shape led lights for fishing rigs
AC144 : AUTO off , when dry or when out
of the water.  Overall length 4cm/1.9in
Flashing light in clear/red/blue/green.
Seal for battery. Casing: Super hard Poly carbonate.
Capsule diamond shape magnified the light


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